I am a people person, and I love talking to and meeting new people. I enjoy quality time spent with the individuals in my life. I am the only daughter in my nuclear family, and […]


Fat? Really?

“I am pregnant.” These three words are life-changing for everyone involved. It could be good or not so good news but will definitely change lives instantly. All of a sudden, there are thoughts of a […]


Cloak of Invisibility

By Amandla Karungi When I was younger, I was the shy one who always got left out and was never the favourite. Not the crowd favourite, nor the sisters’ favourite, not the Aunt’s favourite or […]


Date Night

By Amandla Karungi She rolled her sheer black thigh length stockings up her legs and wobbled to the full-length mirror tilted across the wall next to their bed. The shirt she was wearing went down […]