Connecting and Empowering Through Literature

Welcome to Tales Without Borders, where the power of literature knows no boundaries. Imagine a world where every person, regardless of their background, can find themselves within the pages of a book. Tales Without Borders is a service dedicated to making this vision a reality for the communities we serve. We believe in the transformative power of literature to foster empathy, understanding, and unity among diverse cultures and experiences.

Embracing different cultures

Our mission is to connect communities, broaden horizons, and promote inclusivity through the magic of books and storytelling.

Reflecting the reality of the world

We’re on a mission to put more books featuring diverse characters into the hands of readers everywhere, ensuring that everyone can see themselves in the stories they read.

What Books Can Achieve

We work closely with a diverse community including refugees and people seeking asylum, and individuals who have faced discrimination or injustice. Our goal is to support their integration into communities and empower them to achieve self-sufficiency.


creates a sense of belonging


community cohesion


enhancing well-being


Empowering The Community


Promoting Adult Literacy

Contribute to our campaign

We’re on the lookout for diverse books that reflect the wonderful diversity of our area. Whether it’s stories from different cultures, backgrounds, or perspectives, we’d love to add them to our collection! We’re also in search of resources that can help people seeking asylum and refugees to smoothly integrate into our community.
For any queries, please email us at or if you have books to donate, please mail them to the address below:
Tales Without Borders
Room 116, Blyth Community Enterprise Centre
Ridley Street
NE24 3AG