Social networking & gathering allows individuals of various backgrounds to develop meaningful relationships with other people. As we live in a highly technologically-advanced world, meeting new people in ‘real life’ sometimes becomes tricky. Teakisi aims to create relaxed and inclusive environment where members of our local community, with the emphasis put on African women, can get together, share their passions, experiences and support each other. 

Our Coffee Meet Ups are focused on empowering, uniting and celebrating African people and wider community. We share ideas, offer support and get great tips and advice from each other. These events typically run for two hours and are led by a Teakisi team member who makes sure that everyone is being heard, included in the discussion and having a good time.

Most of our coffee meet ups are free to attend but sometimes others are not which means you will have to purchase your own food and drink. Our meet up are open to the general public and are ideal if you are looking to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere.


They are a great way of meeting new people
Build connections, share goals and experiences
You will get ideas and inspiration from other attendees
You are certain to pick up tips that you can implement in your own business or life
By sharing what you are struggling with you may well find some helpful advice
It’s an opportunity to spend some time in the real world, away from your comfort zone


Tuesday, 25th April 2023