We love capturing the strength and power of African women! Did you know that what truly makes us special, is that our platform is dedicated to the everyday African woman? Most of our contributors are not “professional” bloggers/writers, they’re just everyday women with a story to tell, and wisdom to share. So if you have a gift in storytelling, empowering through words and celebrating women – join us and together we can change that narrative of the African woman.

Benefits of Joining The Blogging Team
  •  Receive various trainings with aims of equipping you with relevant digital literacy and effective writing skills
  • Networking
  • Exposure of your work to a vast audience, potentially playing an important role in someone’s life
  • In house “Top Spot” monthly competition with top three winners announced on social media
  • A “social butterfly” to be named and featured in monthly global newsletter 
  • Become an expert; Blogging can act as your doorway to gaining status as an expert in your field
  • Join a sisterhood of African women living in Africa and abroad
What We Ask of You If You Join The Team
  • Become a cheerful Teakisi ambassador. We delight in having our bloggers proudly endorse Teakisi and share our brand message on their social media through shares, retweets, engagement and interaction
  • Commit to submission of AT LEAST one blog post a month. The blog posts should also be original and unpublished. Our bloggers contribute blogs on a VOLUNTARY basis in exchange for promoting their work, gaining new skills, joining a vibrant and vast blogging and readership network. The submission of blogs will be expected on the 15th of each month. Failure to submit a blog without prior notice, Teakisi will effectively remove you without notice from its website and WhatsApp group
  • Attendance /contributions to Teakisi events and training
Learn a little more about current contributors…

1. Anesu Nyakubaya-Nhevera is a Zimbabwean born writer, blogger and poet. Her work has been featured in Zimbolicious Anthologies 3 and 4 as well as several websites. When she is not writing for her blog (kintsugionline.wordpress.com), she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her family.  She is also very passionate about equality in all its forms (Zimbabwe). Follow on Twitter: @suenyakubaya

2. Salha Kaitesi is the British-Rwandese mother, sister, friend and founder and Artistic Director of Teakisi. Salha is passionate about ending poverty, development, female empowerment, justice and gender equality. Salha is also the Executive-Editor of this platform. (United Kingdom) Follow on Twitter: @SalhaKaitesi


3. Yunah Bvumbwe is a news writer. Loves public speaking and debates. She is an avid reader with writing/blogging in general as her passion. Yunah believes her voice is her purpose. (South Africa) Follow on Twitter: @YunahBvumbwe


4.. Ayandola Ayanleke is an African lover of God who loves to watch movies, read and write. Ayandola is also a young woman seeking to make an impact with her pen. (Nigeria) Follow on Twitter: @AyandolaA


5. Esther Chawai is a lady who is very passionate about issues that affect the African woman. She enjoys reading, and loves to share her deep thoughts through writing. Esther believes in God, loves fashion and good music too. She is also in love with her life as an entrepreneur. (Nigeria) Follow on Twitter: @Murniccha


6. Norryn Gloria Busingye is a Communications and Public Relations professional, with over 4 years’ experience. Currently, she is a digital content creator for start up companies in Rwanda, helping them create and sustain a vibrant online visibility. She is exceptionally passionate at everything to do with leadership and supporting vulnerable children. She advocates for the prevention of sexual and domestic abuse in Rwanda, supporting children who battle with early pregnancies, trauma and HIV, as consequences of the abuse. Gloria also volunteers with Rotaract, under the Rotary International umbrella, and is a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow. (Rwanda) Follow on Twitter: @NorrynGloria


7. Eunice Tossy is a 20 something, outspoken Tanzanian woman, who loves travelling and having deep conversations with strangers. When she is not trying to figure out what she is doing with her life, she is therapeutically pouring out her soul on her personal blog https://abiblegirl.com (Tanzania) 


8. Faith Mangwanya is an engineer who envisages an Africa without technological barriers. She is passionate about sustainable development through local technology development and manufacturing. She is an aspiring social enterprise entrepreneur and writer who believes in inclusive growth through the empowerment of women and individuals from marginalised backgrounds. She is currently working on her first fiction novel “Canaan” – a story of an African girl-child who decides to study theoretical physics and the challenges she faces on her educational journey (Zimbabwe). Follow on Twitter: @faithcerebral


On the other hand, Guest contributors can either be men or women, from any background, anywhere in the world! If you have a blog post (original, not published elsewhere) that you think would benefit our audience, send it to us and we will be happy to read it.


  1. For guest contributor’s once we have received your post, we will determine whether it suits our audience.
  2. If suitable, we have the right to edit your post for grammar, leading the post to change a bit, but we will endeavour not to change the meaning.
  3. Your work will remain on the website which is a great way to build your writing portfolio.

To send us a guest blog post or apply to be a contributor (open to African women only), fill the form below, with reasons why we should consider taking you own;



  1. Salut les filles

    Belle plate forme qui est riche et puissante
    Kudos a la dream team

    Les articles de Iris sont très inspirant; bravo ma soeur; komera ku muheto comme on le dit chez nous au Burundi

  2. I had never heard about this magazine before, but Noeline Zawadi mentioned it to me. I love the diversity of the team! Do you guys have get togethers? It would be awesome if you did and rotated them in your respective countries/cities.

    • Some have met in individual countries. It would be even better if we all did at some point in the future. Hopefully we will. Thanks for the show of support.


  3. This is so inspiring. I had never heard about this magazine. I have just read few articles and also I can say is ‘Fantastic’. I like the diversity in the team, I strongly believe that ‘Our differences make us stronger’.

    Good Job Ladies, Keep it up.

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