this is a safe space

In order to champion and encourage African women to take up spaces in the community, we have set up a “round table chat” – a first of its kind here in the North East of England and we hope to do the same in Cumbria and Wales!

The chat which is known as the African Woman Collective is a safe space created for African women to express themselves freely without the fear of oppression that exists outside of that space. A place in which as a minority they are not to be “challenged on account of race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, cultural background and more.

“The sense of not fitting in, and being othered in spaces can be very emotionally harming, which is why it’s necessary for individuals who feel othered in most spaces to have a place, such as this in which they can meet others who feel the same, and have a space in which they can freely express themselves without being challenged by hateful and ignorant voice”.

I loved everything about the event. You know everyday when we go out into the world like that “out of place” feeling is constant. You never really feel completely understood but for the first time in a while I felt like that’s where I belonged. The building, the company, just sitting around that table being able to contribute and being HEARD ! Learning so much, being challenged, it changed me, it liberated me mentally, I felt on top of the world and I want to feel that way everyday. 

Kemi Gates

The gathering of African women allows us to share our experiences for empowerment and history in the making. Our coming together also gives the opportunity for networking and the exchanging of creative ideas. Keep up the good work.

Adebusola Adeyemi

Joining The Collective Is By Referral Only!

To join and access African Woman Collective, you will have to have been referred to the service by a professional who knows you or an existing member of the group.

Ready to apply? Click this link to access the >> Application form

this safe space is only open to women who identify as African.

members of the collective are unapologetically African!