Teakisi's approach is threefold, centred on enhancing our community. These three interconnected strands not only define the scope of our services but also resonate deeply with our motto of "Community, Collaboration, and Change." They represent the pillars of our mission, working in unison to create a more supportive and empowered Teakisi community.

Community Resource

Teakisi’s expansive community hub services offer a wide range of events, welcoming members of the community from all walks…

Digital Media Skills

At Teakisi we understand the power of the digital world, with an aim to keep up to date with the times, we don’t want…

Inclusive Recruitment

In the realm of recruitment and employment, representation is so important. Teakisi helps to provide local organisations with a…

What People Say

I really enjoyed community Digital Skills Pathway. I’ve learned so many things I didn’t know before. I will continue learning my digital skills to improve myself because I believe in the nearest future everything will become digital. I really appreciate the good job Teakisi is doing by giving people like me an opportunity to take part in the projects, even gave us a tablet to continuous learning and to improve ourself in digital pathways. I want to give a massive thanks to Teakisi whole community, thanks a lot for your awesome work. I want u to know that you are unique – keep making a massive difference in people’s life.

Felicity Gandonou

It’s nice to know that we have ladies committed to help us get what we think it’s not possible. Teakisi showed me that everyone, no matter your age or gender you can do trainings in every category and be what you want to be. Thank you again Teakisi. Remain strong for us.

Koura Konate

It’s truly an amazing job that Teakisi is doing to uplift the African woman in as many ways possible. I have had the privilege of attending this year’s Coffee Meet-up during the pandemic lockdown. It was a wonderful opportunity to link up and connect with the many voices that T has brought together. It couldn’t have been done any better given the circumstances. Perhaps one suggestion, if at all it makes sense: is it possible to do some podcasts of the content uploaded by different writers? I think it would pack quite an additional punch and weight to the rich stories being written here. Peace!

Peter Kasaija