11 Black Women In The North East To Celebrate This Black History Month

Black History Month launched with hundreds of events across the country this October, amid a new campaign encouraging people of all ages to share what they are proud to be on social media and other means of communication. In this blog, I would like to go ahead and share with you the names of those less […]

Breaking The Silence: Miscarriage

For as long as I researched and educated myself about Miscarriages, it has come to my attention that it goes hand in hand with silence, stigma, and shame. These three concepts are responsible for so many of the very many challenges pregnant women face when it comes to pregnancy and infant loss. They work in […]

Announcing ‘Teakisi Woman Talk’ – 2021 Speakers!

Three years on from the inaugural Teakisi Woman Talk, Teakisi as the organiser prepares yet again for its annual conference as the 2021 speakers are announced. This conference celebrates the culture and heritage of Africa, minoritised communities, people of African descent and the entire community. This #BlackHistoryMonth conference also gives the opportunity to attendees to ask […]

Black African Women ‘Killing It’ in Architecture

If you had asked me growing up to name an architect, I’d probably name a renowned male figure in the field. For a very long time, the construction industry as a whole remained a male-dominated sector like many others. It used to be so uncommon to hear high schoolers say they want to study architecture. […]

A Few Things To Try on Your Down Days

Dear reader, I have been experiencing a lot of down days lately. With the workload increasing, I struggled to find time to pause and refresh my thoughts, which resulted into substantial drainage. It has been especially hard to be in the right headspace for anything outside of work duties. Nonetheless, I have been intentional to […]

Tuku’s Mabasa

Sometimes when we listen to a song it speaks to us, it takes us on a journey and in some cases we can reflect on whatever we will be going through. Musicians are great storytellers and some songs have great advice, advocate and raise awareness for different issues. Lastly, in some cases some songs describe […]

Journey to Motherhood

Every time I saw a mother and child strolling hand in hand I always thought, “I want that”. Not because I didn’t have it as a child or because I was longing for it but because to me, it was the natural course my life would take. We grow up, get married, have children, and […]

Citizens Of Nowhere

“One in every fifty human beings – more than 150 million persons live outside of their countries of origin as migrants or refugees. They are highly vulnerable to racism, xenophobia, and discrimination. But even when their movement is legal and authorized, non-citizens face high levels of discrimination.” Have you ever been at a job interview […]

The Tale of Adaptation

There are always two sides to every story and one’s blessing can also be someone else’s burden. The same can be said about the lockdowns that governments around the world have imposed to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic enabled families to get to know each other since they spent a lot […]

Online Education, The Best of Both Worlds!

I once had a friend, we shall name her Nomsa. We were discussing some of the challenges we were facing in the job market and how to overcome them. For Nomsa, it seemed like a while ago when she had to decide to choose which university she would attend. Nomsa was spoilt for choice as […]

Questions You Wouldn’t Want To Hear Whilst You Look For a Job

Job hunting is the most excruciating and frustrating phase we all have to go through, unfortunately. If it ever gets easier, I think it’s because we would have accepted defeat. After all, it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s usually a series of disappointments that leads to us questioning whether we picked the right […]

It Could Be Anywhere

I grew up in a cosmopolitan suburb in the southern parts of Johannesburg. In the early 2000s, the community was an eclectic mix of white Afrikaners, a few Indians who owned the local grocer, blacks and coloureds who had worked their way out of the townships, and a growing population of foreigners. The local church […]