Conversations About Mental Health

In the last couple of years, I would say mental health has been one of the most addressed issues, and that’s a milestone I am glad to witness. But although this has been the case, there’s still more that desires to be done. Mental health is a condition that the majority of Africans have labelled […]

Toxic Traits

There’s a reason why the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. We all have at least one single behavioral feature that we despise (if we’re aware of it), and, surprisingly enough, we can typically figure out where we got it from provided it’s not a distant cousin, else one of our parents can tell […]


As I wrapped up my leadership and mindset change programme in December 2021, I drew an action matrix, which had things I was going to implement this year. Being the kind of things I’m passionate about, I thought it would be a bit easy but I was wrong. I forgot that something new was going […]

Written in My Heart to Him

It’s the 24th of August today, and I’m still wondering why it doesn’t feel like I have made progress with moving on. I do not know if it’s because I imagined doing a lot with you, but I wonder if the chance will present itself again! Everything seems to have ended before it got started. I […]

Forgive, Forget, Move On Already!

At an early age in most cultures, the girl child is forced to master the art of suppressing her emotions by constantly being reminded that her family, friends, future partner, and in-laws will do their worst. So it’s in her best interest to be numb, tameable, have a big heart, and accommodating as many discomforts […]

February! Roses Are Brown

Hello there beautiful people. Roses are red, violets are blue – Why are most writers single? Scratch that. Roses are red, violets are blue. Single mama’s how is dating again going for you? My roses are brown. Sigh. February is upon us. Love and lovers are making very loud noises. Ideally, the plan this month […]

Journey To Motherhood – The Birth

In the Shona culture, after marriage and towards the third trimester of the first pregnancy they do what they call “masungiro” which basically is when your husband and his family officially take you back to your parents’ (or relative’s) house to be looked after and be taught how to be a new mother once the […]

The Stigma Of People With HIV Among Africans

I recently learned that one of my cousins has AIDS. Even though we haven’t been in contact for a few years, this information hit me really hard. While still trying to process everything, I couldn’t help but wonder why it had to get to the death sentence that is AIDS and not HIV. As I […]

African Literature: A Gem

“Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Have you ever listened to a song and felt like the artist had you in my mind when he or she penned it down?  Sometimes we find healing, peace and answers through listening to a […]


I never thought I would be one of those women who feel a sting each time they heard someone had tied the knot. Yet here I am today. My social media feeds are scrawling with friends, relatives, enemies, even people I don’t know tying the knot. It seems that people are getting married everywhere I […]

Sailing Through The Rubble

Happy new year beautiful people! This year starts off on an honourable note for me. Being here contributing to Teakisi is an honour. I never imagined a platform like this would be available for someone like me to voice my thoughts. Cheers to Teakisi for building a safe space for the African woman to say […]