As a community resource, Teakisi is always looking to create avenues for inclusivity amongst its services, as it’s needed to build strong communities. One such project is Teakisi’s new library in Blyth, Tales Without Borders. Tales Without Borders is answering this call to action. Our shelves are stocked with books by writers from diverse cultural backgrounds, featuring characters who reflect the rich traditions of the people from ethnically minoritised communities in the United Kingdom.

We believe in the transformative power of literature to foster empathy, understanding, and unity among diverse cultures and experiences. Tales Without Borders is dedicated to making this vision a reality for the communities we serve.

Libraries have always been a well of knowledge and imagination. They offer a portal to countless worlds, but for many, those worlds do not always reflect the rich diversity of the readers who step through their doors. This is where featuring books by and about people from ethnically minoritised communities becomes crucial.


  • Seeing Ourselves in Stories

Imagine a young reader never encountering a character who looks like them, shares their cultural experiences, or faces similar challenges. It can create a sense of isolation and a limited view of the world. Diverse books offer a powerful antidote. They allow children (and adults) to see themselves reflected in the pages, fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth.

  • Empathy and Understanding

Beyond personal connection, diverse books open windows to new experiences and perspectives. We learn about different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. This builds empathy, and understanding; dismantles stereotypes. By encountering diverse narratives, readers become more well-rounded individuals and informed citizens.

  • Enriching the Literary Landscape

Ethnically minoritised writers bring unique voices and stories to the table. Their works enrich the literary landscape, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. A diverse library collection fosters innovation and creativity, benefiting everyone who walks through its doors.

Find below ways you can support our project in Blyth: 

  • Visit our library! We’d love to welcome you and share the magic of diverse stories.
  • Recommend a writer! Do you know a brilliant author from an ethnically minoritised community? Let us know!
  • Spread the word! Share our mission on social media and encourage your network to do the same.
  • Connect us! Are you connected to a famous writer or a reading-loving celebrity? We’d be honoured to have them visit Tales Without Borders as part of their charity initiatives.
  • Recommend Books! Do you know a great book that reflects the Tales Without Border’s objective? Let us know!

Together, let’s create communities that celebrate the beautiful diversity of our world. Every contribution, big or small, helps us build a more inclusive literary landscape for everyone.