23rd February 2020
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KOB Fabrik

We first became aware of KOB Fabrik, when Tracy sent us an email informing us of her work. “I would like to introduce to you KOB Fabrik, an art studio developing innovative fabric concepts”, says Tracy [...]

The ‘Womanly’ Thing To Do

Article written by Ibtihal Ahmed. “If you think you are a real woman, then try walking into this building,” said a defying security guard to my friend who, with a brazen assurance, attempted to walk [...]

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Français à Teakisi

Lettre À Ma Soeur Africaine Qui A Quitté Son Pays

by Iris Ntore in Culture 13

Chère sœur, Tu as laissé ta terre et quitté les tiens pour venir vivre un rêve, le rêve de toute une famille et toute une génération. Tu as traversé l’océan pour rejoindre « la terre promise » : [...]

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30 Sudanese Women You Should Know


For centuries Sudanese women have been pushing the boundaries of the patriarchal society, excelling in fields almost always dominated by men despite the difficulties they face. We searched for the women making an impact today both nationally and […]

Excuse My African


By Stella Demasus I never had any issues with my being African, until I started living in the United States of America.  That was when I realized that my kind of “African” is different. I’m […]