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Unique and award winning community resource creating programmes that deliver impact. We sit at the intersection of race and gender inequality, but we strive for social justice in all areas.

Historically we started as a blog for African women with the platform receiving over 2 million visits annually, it became clear that we were so much more than a blog and we started developing collaborations for community services.


“The gathering of African women allows us to share our experiences for empowerment and history in the making. Our coming together also gives the opportunity for networking and the exchanging of creative ideas. Keep up the good work.” – Adebusola Adeyemi

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We deliver a whole wrap around support package that builds a community spirit. We aim to make a difference by helping to tackle some of the most challenging issues, which is due to the gap in support and services for Black and minoritised communities. Teakisi is here to fill that gap by making sure that we empower those that have felt discriminated against, simply because of where they come from, or because of the colour of their skin.

Empowering communities

In The Last 3 Years, We Supported a Total of 1741 Individual Members

As far as we are aware, we are the only service in the area delivering what we do after listening to the needs of our communities.

We also work in partnership with local organisations like Newcastle City Council, Young Women’s Film Academy, Newcastle University, Maternity Voices Partnership, The Angelou Centre, North Tyneside City Council, The Millin Charity, Connected Voice, Tyne and Wear Museums & Archives, The Common Room, Bilal Jamia Mosque and many more.




Our Campaign

From the start, Teakisi’s goal was to help raise the voices of others and speak against any form of discrimination, especially when it is affecting people who are frequently marginalised and stigmatised. As an organisation working for social equality & justice, we believe that challenging unequal power structures, racism, sexism, gender-based and sexual-based violence and hate crimes is our shared responsibility.

Support Our Cause By Volunteering, Donating or Advocating.

It was such a warm and generous evening and a real pleasure to attend. I met quite a few people who I’d either not seen since before lockdown, or had never met in person and also new people. It was great to make new connections and also witness connections being made!

Hannah Kirkham

It was really an educative platform that is helping me to be Computer Literate and competent with the internet. I was really glad to be among the people that were empowered by TEAKISI and I appreciate it and wish them all the best as they keep up with their good work. Our teacher was a very lovely and humble Lady with a good smile that will keep you going.

Ogochukwu Nwaehujor

Already put everything I leant in practice. Working on my own blog now and can’t wait to choose the fonts, colours and template. This course is straight forward and comes with easy to follow instructions. Cheers!

Edwin Poole