28th May 2020
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Bald And Beautiful

A person who is broken, battered, bitter, and down to their very last ounce of hope is a very dangerous person. Especially when they decide to take on the journey of destiny. At this point [...]

My Women’s Day Wish List

Article written by Likeleli M. Monyamane. Yayyyyy!!! It’s August again, it’s Women’s Month. On the 9th of August, we celebrated women’s day. My social media timelines were filled with colourful posters advertising different Women’s Events [...]

Africa Is Who We Are

Article written by Likeleli M. Monyamane. In school, they did not teach me to have pride in my continent. They never taught me who I was or what being African meant. Growing up I wanted [...]

Show Me Something Else!

By Ariane Kamdoum I don’t know if you are aware of this but the entertainment industry in Africa is going through a massive stage of growth. Be it movies, music, sitcoms or TV-shows, the continent [...]
Français à Teakisi

L’amour Est Une Histoire De Sorcellerie

by Christelle Kamanan in Culture 0

Entretien avec Nathalie Tientcheu Aujourd’hui je vous propose d’aller à la rencontre de Nathalie Tientcheu, l’autrice du livre L’amour est une histoire de sorcellerie. À travers un roman dynamique elle nous emmène au cœur de [...]

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30 Sudanese Women You Should Know


For centuries Sudanese women have been pushing the boundaries of the patriarchal society, excelling in fields almost always dominated by men despite the difficulties they face. We searched for the women making an impact today both nationally and […]

Excuse My African


By Stella Demasus I never had any issues with my being African, until I started living in the United States of America.  That was when I realized that my kind of “African” is different. I’m […]