We define digital literacy as, “those capabilities that fit someone for living, learning, working, participating and thriving in a digital society”. Digital capability can unlock people’s potential in their professional lives. Digital skills can also be a lifeline for people and are even more likely to be at this moment in time. The UK government’s Department for Education informs us that a 2020 Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index, which involves a basic digital skills survey of 9,000 people found that in the UK: 11.3 million people (21%) lack the full basic digital skills. Knowing that, women are more likely to be digitally excluded – not just in the UK but around the world, that is why here at Teakisi we believe that digital education has a vital part to play in making sure that African women at all stages in their careers, are able to access the tools they need to establish and boost their technical skillset.

We currently offer 4 digital literacy trainings that not only teaches anyone how to create their own blog from scratch, but also the importance of effective writing, how to naviagate and get content in front of people using social media sites, free promotion strategies and much more.

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