Digital literacy refers to person’s abilities to find, critically evaluate and clearly communicate information accessed through digital technologies (such as electronic devices, social media, Internet search engines). In our contemporary world, processes of digitalisation are implemented to increase the efficiency of businesses. On the individual level, digital skills are necessary for us to confidently establish our presence in the technologically-advanced world. 

As with all abilities that greatly depend on our access to time, finances and resources, many people lack the basic digital skills. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2018 there were still more than 5 million people with no access to the Internet in the UK. Furthermore, out of all Internet users, more than 10 million Britons had zero or very limited basic digital skills meaning that they could not accurately manage and use information found online.  

Digital exclusion in the North East England negatively affects people’s education and employment opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted how important it is that everyone has the basic digital skills. Hence, at Teakisi, we make it our priority to offer accessible and engaging digital education to members of the local community at all stages of their careers. 

We currently have 4 digital literacy trainings that help individuals access the tools they need to establish and boost their technical skillset. Our trainings vary starting from the most Basic Digital Literacy Skills through Blogging, navigating Social Media & offering Creative Residency. 

We want to ensure that all of our community members gain the confidence to use & benefit from the amazing opportunities offered in the digital sphere whilst simultaneously staying safe and aware of the web-based threats. 


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