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Sudan’s “Kandaka”

10th April 2019 Salha Kaitesi 0

It’s a breathtaking image. According to Arabic media, her name is Alaa Salah. This is the young Sudanese woman standing on top of a car, raising her right arm as she leads the crowd in […]

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Profile: NABA Life Foundation

19th September 2016 Salha Kaitesi 1

NABA Life Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation in Ghana that was started by Dorcas Aba Annan, a hardworking young lady who is passionate and focused on making an impact in the lives of young people […]

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Africa Writes At Bahati Books

15th December 2015 Salha Kaitesi 2

Here at ElleAfrique we believe in an African voice, telling our own stories and empowering our own people, especially our women. Oftentimes, literary voices from the continent go largely unnoticed – lack of publishing infrastructure, […]


Gender Equality: The Heart of Development

27th December 2013 Salha Kaitesi 2

Giving girls and women equal rights as the men is empowering them to greater things. When women are empowered, the possibility for economic growth becomes apparent. If given this opportunity, the benefits of investing in […]


Sleeping With The Enemy

11th September 2013 Salha Kaitesi 7

When your partner or husband says to you, “If I cant have you, then no one can” simply means he really is crazy about you. When I say crazy, I mean CRAZY! Not romantically crazy but […]