Could You Imagine a World Without Bananas?

Article by Christelle Mekoh As a child in Cameroon, one of the things I loved most about growing up was the variety of fruits I was able to get, depending on the season. Rainy season meant juicy mangoes and guavas. Some fruits were only available in certain parts of the country while others, like apples, came from abroad. And […]


Women’s Growing Love for Football

  • by Teakisi
  • Jul 02, 2014
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Over the last decade female participation in official sports has grown quite significantly, and football has been no exception. Through growing competitions such as the female Champions League and even the female FIFA World Cup, women are now taking to football as a career option which was not necessarily the case just three decades ago. […]


Fighting Against Female Genital Mutilation

On November 25th last year, I first came across the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women and on Feb 6th I became aware of another event, the International Day of Zero Tolerance against Female Genital Mutilation. That whole week I was inundated with emails from all the international organisations I am subscribed to, […]