By Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron

Five short years ago, I met my work hubby while, unceremoniously, being scheduled to receive my new laptop for work. Romantic, right? Wrong. It was un-love at first scheduling conflict. After weeks of unsuccessfully meeting, we were finally able to agree on a time and place that was convenient for both of us – MY office.

When the day finally arrived, he set up my laptop, chatted a bit, and then – wait for it – left for his next client. It was the most non-stimulating meet-up ever. As you might have quickly attained from this, our friendship took some time, and he was not immediately deemed the privilege of being my work hubby.

Thanks to modern technology and a few IT issues, we soon discovered, during our brief conversations, that we had loads in common, specifically our love of writing. This was the blossoming of a wonderful relationship – I had found the elusive work spouse.

A work husband is the perfect sort of man – he’s a man who holds no expectations of you. He is a co-worker who understands your particular office dynamics, and supports you in the midst of work craziness, or just reminisces with you about the crazies at work. It’s like you have an un-contractual marriage from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Sweet, right?

To avoid any confusion, this is NOT a romantic relationship – AT ALL – and requires rules in order to maintain sustainability:

  1. No calling on weekends unless you are dying! This one is straight forward.
  2. Work hubby is not to be turned into a partner of any kind. He is your WORK partner-in-crime only. Work hubbies are a rare breed – endangered, if you will. When you find one, keep him that way, and do not change the dynamic under any circumstances! This defeats the purpose of work hubbies, and you are contributing to the extinction of this rare species. Shame on you!
  3. If you are in a real relationship, your partner should be aware of and know your work hubby. Careful, this is a tricky dynamic to maintain. Do NOT let them become friends – you need your work hubby on your side at all times, so you can continue to vent about your partner.
  4. Have a work husband contract! Why not? The contract should go something like this:

I, take thee, to be my work husband. I promise that any information shared with me will always stay with me. I promise that I will always have your back. I promise to counsel you, when needed, in professional or personal matters. The same is expected of you, and I reserve the right to rescind this agreement shall I find that you have not been loyal to your word. In that case all bets are off!  This agreement is effective immediately until either employment termination or resignation of either party, after which time, it is imperative to find a replacement! She is sure to pale in comparison to me, but all good things come to an end. Au revoir!

Once you find your work hubby, enjoy this rare breed of man. It’s a new day for relationships, ladies. Yes, it’s a new day. Go forth and spread the good news.