Of Pain

By Eunice Aber When you read literatureWhen you peruse through social mediaWhen you watch televisionYou find out that the world is a global village of pain and struggle. Of people inflicting painOn themselves and othersSometimes […]


The Way We Take

By Eunice Aber Where did the bubbles go?Where did the butterflies go?Did we get too comfortable?Did we get so used to…?Did the warmth cease to matter?Did the laughter cease to form?Did we, as we climbed […]

Love & Sex

I Am Not A Reptile

By Felly Oyuga Yesterday I shared life, hot blood gushed from my veins into tubes. They say the only way to avoid a wizard is to have cold blood. I can’t be what I am not. So you followed my scent. […]


It’s Only Filter

By Josephine Amoako We love to stare at and admire The thousands of photos we find online; They are a source of inspiration For our new wardrobe, wedding and interior décor; We can’t help but […]