By Eunice Aber

Where did the bubbles go?
Where did the butterflies go?
Did we get too comfortable?
Did we get so used to…?
Did the warmth cease to matter?
Did the laughter cease to form?
Did we, as we climbed steep mountains together
and crossed new paths in each other’s company,
forget to look into each other’s hearts?
Did we focus on the cuddling and forget the connection?
What happened along the journey of getting to know each other?
Knowing each other has got us to fail each other?
I want to stick to you, the mystery; The you I did not understand and expectantly waited to explore…

How did the bubbles go?
How did the butterflies cease?
Did we break within, as we built without?
Or did the high walls, raised to keep us safe from the outside
instead wrap us up in our own two worlds?
Did we, as we learned new paths,
discover better companions?
I want to stick to the way we knew it
Keep it simple as it always was
The us we knew well
The us the world didn’t seem to understand.

When did the bubbles go?
When did the butterflies cease?
Once the tick-tock of the clock was melody in our ears
Time was what we counted on; to mend and grow
Now it makes us weary; Wishing somehow
the nightmare would cease
I want to stick to this for eternity; Pretend, if I cannot believe, that this was meant to be.