Of Pain

When you read literatureWhen you peruse through social mediaWhen you watch televisionYou find out that the world is a global village of pain and struggle. Of people inflicting painOn themselves and othersSometimes unknowingly. Of people […]


The Way We Take

Where did the bubbles go?Where did the butterflies go?Did we get too comfortable?Did we get so used to…?Did the warmth cease to matter?Did the laughter cease to form?Did we, as we climbed steep mountains togetherand […]


Twenty Four

24 is obviously the age before 25. But it also is in a scary way, the age when it begins to dawn on you that you’re approaching quarter a century and have nothing you can […]



I spent last Christmas with my grandparents. I always spend Christmas with my grandparents. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t. Oh! The last time I refused to go to the village for Christmas […]