You Are The Best of Us

22nd October 2018 Teakisi 0

By Valerie Waweru About a month ago, I went to visit my grandmother (I really should do it more), the skies decided to open up while we were there, and with it floodgates of memories […]


Beyond Limits

16th May 2018 Ayandola Ayanleke 1

She was graduating as the best student in her university and she was dyslexic. As if that was not ironic enough, she had grown up in a core village and therefore attended the public primary […]


Angel Without Wings

6th December 2017 Felly Oyuga 3

  It was the worst time of my life.  My marriage was falling apart.  I had to remind myself to breath, eat and even shower.  I barely combed my hair.  He always smiled at me […]



16th October 2017 Tayo Sogbanmu 0

“Amina! Dan Allah! Turo! Turo! (Please Push! Push!)”, Amina had never felt such pain in her fifteen years of existence. It was excruciating! Like all the muscles in her torso where twisting harder and tighter […]

Love & Sex

I Am Not A Reptile

27th September 2017 Felly Oyuga 0

Yesterday I shared life, hot blood gushed from my veins into tubes. They say the only way to avoid a wizard is to have cold blood. I can’t be what I am not. So you followed my scent. Hot blood scent. Happy. […]

Short Story

The Night They Were Betrayed

29th March 2017 Teakisi 0

By Laura Walusimbi It was a day like any other. The year was 1986. Sixteen-year-old Pat was listening to music on the family’s little cassette radio. Her favorite song was playing – USA for Africa’s […]


All In Our Head

14th December 2016 Ayandola Ayanleke 2

The woman’s eyes glazed over immediately as she stepped in. Lola could feel the dislike the woman sent forth even though her mouth curved in a smile.  Lola had been anxious about meeting the woman […]

Short Story

Haunted by a Flash Forward

12th December 2016 Josephine Amoako 1

She was finally getting her life back together again. She could now sleep through the night without having to wake up screaming from yet another nightmare. She could smile at people without faking it. Her […]

No Picture

For Better, For Worse Part 3

23rd November 2016 Tayo Sogbanmu 1

Part 1, Part 2 It was exactly 7:00 pm and Zirwa laid still on the bedroom floor of her apartment. Mariam had insisted she stay with her, but her sister’s constant worrying was driving her […]