It is no doubt that Covid-19 changed our lives drastically and the way we operate at work; most people have made their living rooms, dining tables, guest rooms, etc their home office. One thing for sure is that the internet has become a crucial part of our lives visibly, and we now spend more time online than we have ever before. As a great consumer of content in all forms, I was happy to discover more women creating content.

I made a small list of some of the women I have discovered and those whose content I particularly enjoyed since 2020.

  1. News by The Catalyst

News by the Catalyst is a Pan-African comedy web television talk show hosted by Muthoni Maingi. It hosts people working in different fields and centres women. It is a refreshing show that provides a space for women to share their work and stories; from politicians, creatives to women in sports, the show offers a wide range of brilliant women doing amazing things in Africa. The show brings a fresh perspective on what is happening on the continent and worldwide; politics, business, pop culture, etc. The expertise of the guests and the authenticity of the show leaves you educated and proud. The colourful set, clothes, make-up, and the overall joy exuded in this show make you glued up to the screen until the end.

You can watch the show on YouTube, IGTV or listen in on any podcast platform:

  • Issa Vybe by Kemiyondo Coutinho

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself, you will love this limited series on Instagram. It is brief, hilarious and was produced at a time when most countries were in lockdown. It came as a breath of fresh air for those in despair, and I loved the people’s spontaneity. Kemiyondo created the series to see if people can flirt or ‘vibe each other’ like they say in Uganda. It brought together people from different places who had never met, and they had to flirt with each other in less than ten minutes. I loved these series so much because of the easy flow of conversations; no performance was required, just regular people talking and vibing with each other. Go watch it before I spoil it for you.

You can find it on Kemiyondo’s Instagram in the IGTV section:

  • The Barbara Show by Barbara Umuhoza

Most of the content I enjoy are mostly Kenyan, Nigerian and American. I have always wanted to see more women in Rwanda create content, and I am happy that since last year we are having a surge of them rising up. The Barbara Show is created and hosted by Barbara Umuhoza, where she sits down with people from different walks of life to talk to them about who they are and what they are doing in the country. She has hosted talks on mental health, cancer, entrepreneurs, artists, and so on. From this show, I have learned more about Rwandans and the work they are doing, and even discovered entrepreneurs whose products I enjoy. The show is featured in Kinyarwanda, but she has added an English segment debuted by an interview with Jackie Lumbasi; the English part will be happening once a month.

You can find it on YouTube:

  • Si Maman m’avait Dit by Diane Audrey Ngako

If you know #VisiterLAfrique on Instagram, then you most probably have heard of the fantastic Camerounian storyteller Diane Audrey Ngako. Her passion for sharing stories of African people shows in everything she does. She has an amazing ability to talk to people and make them share themselves in a way I haven’t seen with others. Her podcast ‘Si Maman m’avait dit’ (if mom had told me) is in French, brings Africans on the continent and those living in the diaspora to share their personal stories, their journeys in life and the lessons they wished they had learned from their mothers. Some of the stories will make you cry and make you reconnect with yourself and reflect on your life. I discovered her podcast earlier this year when she hosted Sheena Donia, a Gabonese life coach living in France; since then, I have been a fan. I am thankful to Diane for bringing these Africans to share their intimate stories and letting us discover these great people.

 Her podcast runs twice a month and is worth every listen.

You can find it on all podcast platforms:

  • Mandi Saro – Freshly Cultured

If you love food, you will love Miss Mandi. She is among the vloggers I follow, and I love her quick delicious recipes. Apart from her usual vlogging, she is the host of the Freshly Cultured show. Here she hosts guests, has deep conversations with them while cooking with them. This approach reflects on how women often fellowship with each other; cooking brings us together, and the kitchen is where we have the juiciest stories and gossip. Well, that is mainly for those who love cooking. The show reminded me of how I used to eavesdrop on my mom and aunties in the kitchen when they were cooking. I loved these episodes show so much because I discovered women in Kenya outside of the formal interview setting we are used to, and I also get to try a recipe or two. Mandi gets to shop with them, asks them personal questions and laughs with them, and I find that very refreshing.

Check it out for yourselves here:

I have discovered many amazing women, and I hope African women continue to rise up in creating digital content and sharing their brilliant work and stories. I long to know more about women in west, north and southern Africa and what they are doing in their countries.

How about you? Who is your favourite storyteller?