Breaking The Silence: Miscarriage

  • by Mugabo Inkingi Lauren
  • Oct 05, 2021
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For as long as I researched and educated myself about Miscarriages, it has come to my attention that it goes hand in hand with silence, stigma, and shame. These three concepts are responsible for so many of the very many challenges pregnant women face when it comes to pregnancy and infant loss. They work in […]


Ignorance, Biases or Just Misogyny?

“Why are you doing this to yourself? Wouldn’t something more feminine be more appropriate for you?” If I got a penny every time I heard these words since the start of my Electrical Engineering degree, I would be a millionaire! “Oh! So you are one of those smart girls? And you also defend women rights?!” […]


Listening: An Art

Have you ever tried to speak to someone who was not paying attention to what you said? Remember how frustrating that was? On the other hand, do you recall talking to someone who was actively listening, their body language matched their facial expressions, they did not interrupt you and made eye contact with you while […]