The woman’s eyes glazed over immediately as she stepped in. Lola could feel the dislike the woman sent forth even though her mouth curved in a smile.  Lola had been anxious about meeting the woman she’d hoped would be her future mother-in-law.  Her fiancé had assured her that his mother would absolutely love her.  The day had arrived! She had yet to sit down and Lola already knew: her fiancé prediction could not have been further from the truth.  It is as though the mother hated her by sight.

Lola took a deliberate look at herself in the hopes of seeing what the woman saw that could warrant such hatred, but found nothing wrong with the way she looked nor dressed today.  Leaving her wondering what the problem was exactly.  Certainly she would find out soon enough, but for now resolved to letting it go.

She looked over at John  and knew he was oblivious to the tension between her and his mother. There goes her plan to discuss it with him. She was sure he would not believe her and think of her as paranoid.  Or worse, that she hated his mum. But then again, how could she genuinely like a woman who disliked her even before she opened her mouth?

Hardly had they sat, when John’s mother called him aside to talk to him.  Lola felt sure it was about her, but on the other hand was glad he wouldn’t at least think she had a case of paranoia when she mentioned it to him.  Shortly after, John came back all smiles leaving Lola confused.  Either his mother hadn’t spoken to him about her or John deserved an Oscar for best actor of the year.

“My mother would like to speak with you… Privately” he said as he came back towards Lola.

“What about,” she asked, stupefied.

He gave her a weird look, further stunning her. “Would you chill?” he snapped. “She just wants to get to know her future daughter-in-law.”

Lola strongly doubted it but, armed with a fake smile, went in to the room John directed her to go to.

“John said you wanted to talk me privately, Ma,” Lola said as a way of greeting.

“Yes, sit.” the woman said and pointed out a seat. Then she offered another smile, this time, it almost reached her eyes.

Lola prayed silently that she would be able to leave the room in one piece.

“I’m sorry my daughter,” the woman started after a moment and Lola’s head shot up automatically in shock.

Did she just call her daughter or was she hallucinating?

“I have not been feeling so well. I have a terrible headache, hence my behavior.  My son didn’t tell me he was bringing you today.  I would have suggested a postponement to when I am better able to welcome you properly.”

And Lola went stock-still in shock.

Sometimes, it is all in our head. Not all mother-in-laws are part of the wicked witches of the west. Give them a chance before crucifying them.