You want to talk about modesty … all well and good.

As far as I am concerned, we need more narratives around modesty. I am old-fashioned and also a Christian, so I am all for modesty.

You want to talk about women learning to be civil … please go ahead.

We have too many obnoxious women to last a lifetime. So yeah, I am all for that as well.

But you see, I have a little problem with those who have decided to advocate for the above.

And it is simply their knack for associating modesty to rape or uncivil women to domestic violence.

I have a problem with you talking about women running their mouths in the same sentence with domestic violence.

I am not comfortable with rape being associated with how the woman dresses.

I don’t know if I am the only one who has the creeps from reading stuff like that.

Whether you like it or not, you are giving these criminal activities justification.

Although they always start by telling us how they are not justifying the crime.

You will likely see something like this in an article; “I am not justifying domestic violence BUT some women need to learn to stop annoying a man. Men have ego. Stop doing things that would make the man want to resort to hitting you.”


“I am not justifying rape BUT women should learn to dress more modestly. You cannot showcase yourself and not expect to attract a rapist.”

As far as I am concerned, the “but” included in the sentence completely negates the first premise. In essence, what is being said is: “Although one is not advocating for domestic violence towards their wife or significant other, some women do deserve a beating as a response for what they have done.”


“Although one agrees that rape is bad, some women bring it upon themselves based on what they wear or act.”

Basically, certain circumstances are excused and the blame is shared between victim and perpetrator.

I will repeat again and again, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YOUR WIFE CAN DO THAT WOULD WARRANT HITTING.  Marriage is hard work. If you are not ready to be offended, you better stay single.

And THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO RAPE A WOMAN OR MAN.  Even if the person is naked before you, you have absolutely no right to touch her and then claim it is her fault.


If you want to write about obnoxious women, please do, just do not link it domestic violence. Stop giving people reasons to resort to violence. If you want to write about modesty, please by all mean proceed, but do not suggest that the lack thereof can lead to rape.  If you want to talk about domestic violence or rape, do it exclusively