By Stacy Kendi

It’s been talked about over and over again but the solution is never found. The reason being, I believe the whole situation is controlled by the mind. Our minds are very powerful and have a huge effect in our overall being.

A few weeks ago, as we were driving through some rough road which was still under construction, I was star-struck by a thought. At this particular time, I was on the passenger’s seat and as the driver was driving down the rough road, it seemed easy for me to look around and wonder how one is able to navigate through such a road with composure and stability. The funny and shocking thing is that, I also have driven down the same road as it was still under construction with composure and stability. There and then, I realized how the brain was able to switch instantly when I was on the steering wheel and realize that I am the one in control of the car and I was able to steer through the rough road. The whole moral of the story is that, our minds are the most powerful assets we have. Can you imagine what would happen if my brain was to remain in the passenger mood thinking and fearing to take control of the steering wheel when I was driving down that road?

That is the same with the turmoil that is killing people silently without a real solution being found. The turmoil takes control of our mind and it becomes a war between how we can take back control of our own mind. Well, the turmoil I am driving towards is DEPRESSION that is causing instability in the mental well-being of many people. It starts without one realizing it and by the time one realizes it, it has already taken control of our mind. The question then remains how can we fight against this turmoil to take back control of our mind?

I am an overthinker and during this whole lockdown period it can be quite easy for many people to fall into depression due to the negativity portrayed everywhere from the news stations to social media. However, what I have come to realize is the benefit of one being able to see the positive side to anything. A situation always has two sides, best believe it. A positive side and a negative side despite how good or bad a situation is. It only takes our internal mental capability to distinguish the positive and negative side to anything. Once we are able to teach our minds to see the positive side in everything, we make it easier and we are all able to achieve the first step in fighting this turmoil called depression. It will take days, months or even years until we are all able to realize the benefit of seeing the positive side towards something. And once one realizes it, it switches on a magnificent bulb in our minds. Let’s strive to have our bulb switched on by our positive thoughts.

Let’s all keep on seeing the positive and bright side in whichever situation we are in, and we will conquer the world one person at a time. And we will all reduce the rate of being worried and the rate of the depression turmoil in the world. Let’s be positive minded and take charge of the thoughts in our minds.