A letter to Baba Opembe

13th September 2017 Salma Abdulatif 0

Dear Baba Opembe, I have wanted for so long to write to you a letter. To tell you how my new home is not home without you. But is home anything so physical? I think […]

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I Love You

21st July 2017 Salma Abdulatif 3

I love you. I love you because you are me. I love you because there will never be another you and you are amazing as you are. I love you, each part of you. As […]

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Is Africa The Next Big Tech Hub?

25th November 2016 Teakisi 5

Article by Christelle Mekoh How #Afrobytes is taking a stand, one byte at a time. From the internet, to smart phones, to drones, technology is emerging in Africa and has the potential of completely transforming the […]

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Friendship Matters! Patronize Those You Love

31st August 2016 Teakisi 1

By Marie-Helena Mekolo I believe in helping people, especially my friends, to achieve their dreams; I like to uplift and empower them. So I don’t understand why, when it comes to patronizing businesses, people are […]

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Africa Writes At Bahati Books

15th December 2015 Salha Kaitesi 2

Here at ElleAfrique we believe in an African voice, telling our own stories and empowering our own people, especially our women. Oftentimes, literary voices from the continent go largely unnoticed – lack of publishing infrastructure, […]


Johannesburg: In a New York State of Mind

13th February 2015 Teakisi 0

By Attiya Karodia Existence is distinguished by seasons of evolution, not always forward, but ever-changing and though the concept is boasted mainly by the odd life-coach or ten, the theory of evolution in this regard […]


Blame African Leaders Or …

8th February 2014 Teakisi 0

Article is by C.J Npowa When I talk to most people in the diaspora about why they are so reluctant to return back home (wherever that is on the continent) and use their hard-earned intellect […]


Born Free and Inspiring – Zizipho Ndevu

17th July 2013 Teakisi 0

By Attiya Karodia As a young woman growing up in a Free South Africa, I’ve learned that the word ‘free’ is often subject to circumstance, and that the word ‘young’ is only a matter of the inner […]