By Ifedayo Ward

My weekends are longer now, for reasons I can’t help.

Remember when we all had pregnancy goals? Two or three besties doing a combined pregnancy shoot with those little cute booties? Well, I can’t keep up because y’all are married and I’m single. The most annoying part is being tagged in every post that has to do with being single on Instagram. Somehow, everyone knows why I flunked relationships worse than that crazy Physics test from high school. My life would be so much better if I didn’t have to go on dates with boring “hot and intelligent prospects” who are either friends or brothers-in-law of your friends. Then, there’s the unavoidable “you have to start thinking of settling down” talk.

If this doesn’t all stop, my inner goddess will unleash her Godzilla rage on everyone!

Unlike Cinderella’s, this glass slipper of mine sure fits a lot of ladies. Thankfully, my fairy godmother has been gracious to share these tips:

  1. Be genuinely happy for your friends. Marriage is a huge step and they need all the support you can offer.
  2. Attend their weddings and have a lot fun. Girl! Party like it’s ’98.
  3. Make new friends – if old friendships fizzle because you don’t “understand what it means to be married”, make friends with single people your age…but don’t dump your old friends in the process.
  4. Turn down offers to meet the “perfect guy” if you don’t feel up to it. After all, what is perfect for them may be totally out of place for you.
  5. Offer to help if you can, planning for a wedding or a baby can be tons of stress. You’d be getting free experience to perfect yours.
  6. Throw an awesome get-together or party for all your single friends. Ask them to invite their single friends too! You’d be surprised at the number of people you can relate with.
  7. Practice your best smile. You’re gonna need it to restrain yourself from punching that friend that constantly wants to know why you are hot and single.
  8. Find inspiration. Take up yoga classes, a painting class, try your hand at writing. Hey, you can even start that diary you’ve always wanted! Find something that inspires you and pursue it.
  9. Relax, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not losing – marriage isn’t a competition and no one is better than you because they are married. Remember, the night is young, make the best of it.

P.S. – you should totally read The Diary Of Bridget Jones or watch the movie adapted from the book.

Much Love,

From a girl who can’t find a pair of matching socks.