By Marie-Helena Mekolo

Through my research, I stumbled upon a great article from the Harvard Business Review by Andy Molinsky “When To Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone”. It intrigued me because well, today, the trend is articles advising you to leave your comfort zone. Of course, the lack of consensus of such claim could be found in the comment section that had people divided and picking sides.

Are you for or against the comfort zone? Some believe that everyone should spread their wings and fly as they view comfort zones as limiting and holding us back. Others view comfort zones as an essential part of learning and often times a zone of deep expertise, a place of growth and stability.

Personally, I believe everything is up to the individual. The goal in life is to achieve success and contentedness. The comfort zone is a place of stability and growth. If one is content in his/her position and there is no clear advantage to leaving the zone; then why not stay? On the other hand, if you’re stagnating and using the zone as an excuse not to follow a life-changing opportunity; then why not leave? Everyone should be aware and in tune with themselves as well as possess the ability to differentiate between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’. Prioritizing is key in answering the question stated at the beginning of this article. What is it that is imperative to your livelihood vs. what can wait a while longer? By making this difference one is able to have a clearer vision of their future.

I urge everyone to tune himself or herself back to the “me” channel. You and you alone know when the time is right. The comfort zone is a place that will always be here for us. It shouldn’t be feared or praised; rather we should view it as an all-access, all-inclusive home.