Article written by Ibtihal Ahmed.

For years, I struggled to fully understand the idea that forgiving is not for the benefit of the other person, but for us as individuals. I am reminded of this conventional proposition: “You’re not forgiving for them, but for you.” This confusion lingered over my soul until the blessed waves of forgiveness were heralded my way. Yes, I learned to forgive; willfully. I am not sure how, but it took a lot of time and countless disappointments.

But do we really forgive for ‘us’? I believe it is for both – us and them – because the inner light that emanates from our souls is projected onto the souls of those who have wronged us, hence, producing peace and the willingness to possess a selfless soul which in turn forgives. One might wonder, well, what’s in it for ‘me’? The answer is: inner peace. I am sure this is all we need to get us through each saga of life.

Trekking up the road to forgiveness is a long and painstaking journey which involves ‘trial and error’; but one is bound to get to a point where he or she realizes that acquiring the ability to forgive is one grand step to becoming a self-actualized individual.

A new year is about to unfold upon us and our hearts are often inclined to blossom into forgiving souls when kindness surrounds us. When we hear from loved ones from afar, when the blissful aroma of faith is all over us, forgiveness becomes the champion of the moment. Yes, a new year has come, because our souls are once again revived, because our spirits become preoccupied with heavenly goals. A new year has come, because we wear the cloak of kindness, because we are cleansed from within, because life has a new meaning. We simply hit the “reset” button in our lives!

Our tip for the holidays: when you are ready, forgive generously. Our New Year’s resolution should consist of an inner revolution of forgiveness. Our ailing souls are in need of a makeover which would beget a new and forgiving soul, free of the baggage of anger and hatred.

We often do not realize that happiness is sometimes a moment of inner peace; a moment of contentment and forgiveness.

The sublime aura of artless forgiveness is the pinnacle of human advancement; so may the boomerang of forgiveness begin today!