Thoughts & Reflections

Wakanda: My Perfect Country

By Amandla Karungi While watching the superhero movie Black Panther set in the imaginary African country Wakanda, I presume I was just like so many other Africans: filled with a strong sense excitement and anxiety. […]


A Feminist Manifesto

By Sola Ogunbiyi Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is without a doubt, a vocal African feminist act. She literally wears her identity as a woman/African as a badge. She is simultaneously an inspiration and a nuisance to […]


Meet Okoye

By Sola Ogunbiyi The Igbo people from Eastern Nigeria have four market days namely: Eke Afo Nkwo Orie In Igbo, ‘Oko’ means a man, ‘Orie or Oye’, means a market day, so ‘Okoye’ means a […]