By Noeline Kirabo

As women our life experiences are deep and vast: from the stresses of family life, the joys of motherhood (for some), the pressures and satisfaction of having and maintaining a successful career, while still being personally fulfilled, womanhood is indeed a complicated and curious amalgam of unbeatable expectations as well as great joys.

As each woman navigates through all of these experiences, she is also well aware of her biological clock.  It slowly creeps in!  If she forgets about her biological clock, society, her family, her doctor will make it a point to never let her forget.  The biological clock is a well known concept.  But what about the internal clock?  Has she heard of it?

The internal clock is about living your life in alignment with your life purpose. This applies both to men and women.  However, men tend to be more aware of it than women. The internal clock is a conscious awareness of your purpose and living true to it.

When you come to the realization that your time on earth is limited, then you start living more intentionally in line with your purpose.

We all come to the realization of this clock at different points of our lives.  Society has different expectations of women and each woman has to define for themselves what it means to be a woman and then go ahead and live true to that identity.

As a woman, it’s important to have a clear sense of your life’s purpose. What you are created for and what will it look like at the end of your time here on earth? You must identify your uniqueness, that one thing that sets you apart.. Then spend the rest of your life pursuing that call. Sometimes your priorities and your calling will evolve as you hit the different stages of your womanhood: nursing babies, parenting teens,  becoming a grand mother, entering a new career and so forth.  In all this,  you must maintain a clear sense of purpose and be intentional in how you live your life.

The internal clock became a reality when I crossed into my 30’s. It dawned on me that I had already lived half of my productive years and could not afford to let the other half simply slip away. I developed a definiteness of purpose that has become my true North. I am more aware about my internal clock than my physical or biological clock.  It makes no difference how long you live if all you ever do is sail through life.

Develop a sense of urgency about maximizing your potential and making the most of every  opportunity. Live your life in a way that leaves a positive impact wherever you are,  be the change that you want to see,  champion your purpose and your hearts desires. Be enthusiastic about life and leave nothing to chance. Be deliberate about commitments and services to humanity, live your life to the fullest. The only life worth celebrating, is one that has been lived purposefully and meaningfully.

Next time someone reminds you about the biological clock,  invite them to see life from a higher dimension and that is from the perspective of purpose. Be more aware of your purpose and your physical degeneration will cease to be an issue.  It has been proven that people who live purposefully, age gracefully and the reverse is true. When you are passionate about life, you naturally maintain a youthful countenance and tenacity. Instead of worrying about your age and getting older, focus your energy on how you could positively impact the world while you still have breath in you.

Pay attention to your internal clock and honor it.