By Vivienne Amijee

The twenties are said to be the best years in a woman’s life, but those over 20 might dispute this. I’ll be crossing the “over 20” bridge soon enough so when I get there and taste the waters I’ll let you know. For now, I shall sip to my happier 20’s.

But I’m not too far from biding my 20’s goodbye, just FYI. Scary fact. Very scary.

The thing about life is that it doesn’t come with a manual of instructions on what to do and when to do it. We spend days wondering if what we have achieved is “the” mark of success and go through school wondering if our level of education will suffice our career goals. We wonder if the company we keep reflect our best selves  and whether our parents are proud of us. We wonder if we are on the right career path, or whether our fashion sense is up to date with the current trend. We wonder if we look too old or too fat or too skinny for our age or whether the guys we date have our best interests at heart. We spend so much time wondering that we fail to enjoy the moments we ought to treasure and make memorable. Sometimes, just sometimes, it is okay to let it go.

It is at this critical decade of existence that friends begin to fill your facebook feed with engagement posts and silent screams of “I SAID YES”, it is at this time that friends post pictures of their first cars (complete with a fancy name of maybe their first boyfriend or some significant place they visited), it is at this time that friends post pictures of destinations on your bucket list that seem like a dream to you at that moment, it is at this age that baby showers seem to be the perfect way to spend Saturday afternoons. You seem to be constantly searching for gift ideas for one occasion or another and, at times, you wonder why this awesome sun is not rising in your horizon.

The uncertainty that surpasses all others is the “moving out of home moment”, all the pressure and anxiety of your new freedom and life alone. A new beginning is always a great idea if coupled with a perfect execution plan. If all goes well, the perfect boyfriend comes along, then blah blah blah, fairy tale wedding and the parents are all happy and proud. If the sun takes longer to shine, do not fret, to each her own, there is much more to life, Romeo will eventually show up….this is a note to self, by the way;)

Back to the decade of uncertainties, everything works out eventually. The tenacity of being a woman is just amazing, we fall but we rise, we cry all night but wake up smiling, we were born for great things and we should never doubt our abilities or pass on a moment to lift each other up.