Importance Of A Personal Budget

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A budget is an estimation of revenues and expenses over a specified future or period of time. In other words a budget is financial plan for defined period. To successfully manage your financial side of of your life, you need to have a budget that will assist you in the ways you spend and the […]


A Woman And Her Finances

In most African cultures, it has been the norm within the home for the man of the house to be in charge of the family’s finances. The man is usually seen as the one who goes out to work to bring home the meal of the day while the woman tends to the family and […]


Ladies, Don’t ‘Dumb It Down’!

Only last week I had lunch with a very good male friend of mine who’s in a relationship. Almost predictably our conversation switched from Africa, tennis and banking to singleness, marriage and African women. A statement he made ‘I feel for women like you……’ was the real trigger to me penning the thoughts in this […]