Many of us have become strong believers in fitness and health, eating right, making sure we have a balanced diet and trying to stay active to keep our bodies trim. But in the process of ensuring the physical is in good condition, we may completely forget that our minds are in control and all efforts we make to ensure continuous health can only be as strong as the driving force behind it.

So here are some tips to ensure that we develop and maintain our minds as much as we do our bodies:

Mental Exercise:

 The mind just like the body can degenerate, but a way of avoiding this is to give it a daily workout.  Engaging in mind challenging games that enable critical thinking such as chess, crossword puzzles and Sudoku can help to stimulate the mind.  In addition, trying to calculate simple to complex arithmetic mentally or learning a new word everyday can help to sharpen it as well as help your memory stay in full working order.

Challenge your mind:

A great way to begin challenging your mind is to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Travelling to new places and experiencing new surroundings or cultures will expose you to different ways of life and values while also encouraging creative thinking and open-mindedness. In addition, learning how to play a new instrument, picking up a new hobby or learning a new language can help boost your logical thinking and teach you perseverance.

Reduce Stress:

Being in touch with your emotions by keeping track of your personal progress while reflecting on progress you’ve made will help you set life goals while giving you a good perspective of where you are headed. This can enhance better organisation, leading to less anxiety or stress that may arise from loosing touch of what may be happening within and around you.  Other small scale methods such as bubble baths and spa’s, staying positive, getting enough sleep and even smiling will help keep the stress away and help you harbour a calmer demeanour.

Be Social:

Volunteering for your local community, social groups such as sports and societal clubs or engaging in cooking classes can place you in a position to meet new people and help you engage in new learning experiences while you have fun. Also making time-out to meet with close friends and loved ones to get away from any stress you may be facing, could be the confidence booster you need to help address any pressures you may be facing head-on.

Stimulate your senses:       

Finding new ways to stimulate your senses through new foods, massages, aromatherapy and listening to relaxing music can introduce your senses to new experiences helping you become more alert and aware of your surroundings.

Reach out for Support:

 If you feel like whatever you’re facing is leading to anxiety, anxiousness, depression or you presently may be experiencing a mental illnesses, remember that there is support out there. Speak to a trusted friend or loved one for support, and if you feel like this is not an option, immediately make some time to see a professional. Your G.P, local health trust, charities and support groups which focus on mental health, all provide support that can help you speak up, seek help and encourage you through any difficulties you may be facing.