“He loves you, that’s why he is cheating behind your back and not to your face.”

“No matter what he does, he will still come back to me.”

“I am the main chick, the one he comes back home to. The side chicks are just lewd women he sleeps with.”

How many times have we heard women say statements like this? How many times have we ourselves said it? Although it amazes me, I can’t really say I blame women who are guilty of saying the above, because i believe it is as a result of years of brainwashing. We have been made to believe that men are a prize that we have to compete against one another to win. The evidence lies in the number of women you see fighting over men, against the number of men that fight over women. Society has taught us to work hard for a man’s attention and feel grateful when he picks us, even when he maltreats us. I don’t think I have ever heard a man say he is alright being cheated on, as far as she comes back home to him. Why, it is enough for women, is what I don’t understand. Why do we excuse such blatant disrespect and even become enemies over it? I honestly don’t understand the battle of superiority between main chicks and side chicks; they are both disrespected.

Is there really any better position to be in here? I don’t see it because either way, you are with a man who doesn’t respect you enough to be faithful, or you are with a man who doesn’t consider you worthy to be in a relationship with. Either way, nobody is winning. I wish that we would see that we are clearly pitched against each other even when the other woman is not the enemy. I wish we would see that the person pitching us against each other is the enemy. Women are doing so many great things in the world, including becoming heads of states or government. That is why 2019 is not the time to be chasing after a man who is absolutely not worth it.

2019 is even too late a time to figure out that we are created for so much more and we can make so much impact in our world. The times are not waiting for you, now is the time to join the women who understand their worth and stop wasting time chasing shadows.