By Marie-Helena Mekolo

Most people have the misconception that happy people are happy 24/7, seven days a week and 365 days a year. They’re forever cheerful, glowing and in your face. Well that is a clear lie! Being happy means seeing the positive in every situation. You have to train yourself in order to change your perspective. Being happy is an inside job! It starts with you realizing that you are enough. Way too often we like to compare ourselves to others forgetting that we’re at different places in our journey and our lives. I want to take some time to let you know that you are (Blank) enough. You are pretty, intelligent, smart, funny and strong enough. You are one of one; no one else in this world can be you like you. You can find happiness in every little mundane thing you do. With that said I want to share some words I live by, hopefully they will inspire you:

-Appreciate the Journey:

We’re all on our individual journeys, filled with our respective ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster of events; if you learn to appreciate each struggle in the present, as its happening, and then let go, you will appreciate your journey.

-Be Patient with Yourself:

It’s not easy following your path, sometimes we want things too soon, or maybe we want to delay certain events. Be patient, what is for you will come at the right time.

-Be Kind to Yourself:

Give yourself a break, you deserve it! You’ve managed to make it this far without a manual or help. No one is perfect, neither are you. Learn to live with what you cannot fix. Love yourself and your body will love you back.

-Be Kind to Everyone Around You:

We are all trying to get through life the best we can. Bring positivity and comfort when you can. If that is something you simply cannot do then walk away.


Remember to take it one step at a time and one breath at a time. Live in the present, you will never experience this moment ever again.


Always choose love.