By Eleanor Mirembe

I have recently taken up jogging/running. I know, no big deal here, but let me put that decision into context for you. I am no runner. None of my family members are particularly athletic and as much as I am into sports and play rugby occasionally, I am no long distance runner. I mean, the thought of my 5 km jog later today just gets me panting excessively. However, one thing I have come to understand about my body over my 20 something years of existence is that I lose weight fast if I am dedicated and put my energy into an activity consistently.

So as a beginner in this running business my pace is still slow, I struggle with my breathing and usually my legs want to give up. But I keep going, because I am hard on myself and want to beat yesterday’s score. I also have a great team of people who have taught me endurance and inspire me to keep pushing. Major key to success – a supportive circle.

So what is the point of me discussing my running journey? Put simply, this journey represents the rat race we call life. We have all been through those times when all you want to do is throw in the towel, curl up in bed and long to give up on “adult-ing”.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

I recently stumbled on this inspirational video created by Jeetly and felt encouraged to get up and keep running the race, chasing my dreams and achieving my best potential. I only hope that the women highlighted will instill ambition, fearlessness and a bold attitude into us women to keep going.

And on that note, I will get my running shoes ready for my 5 km jog.

Stay motivated, stay passionate.