For many years, since I could remember, I have had two dreams. I mean I have other dreams … I am what you call a big dreamer … both day and night. But the two that have remained constant is travelling the world and owning my dream house. For the house, I have practically every detail lined up. When I get it, I might make some tweaks but the basic features, I already have planned. If you are wondering how I am going to get it, don’t worry, I will. I don’t know how yet but I will; I am a woman of faith.

But this article is not about my house. You can see me in camera for further details that I might or might not be ready to divulge. Now, concerning travelling, I have always wanted to tour the world since I was a little girl. Maybe it had to do with watching the movie, “around the world in 80 days” or it had simply just been lurking somewhere in my heart, I have no idea.

All I know is that I considered career choices that I felt would make it happen. Being a pilot was out of it because I am not exactly science-inclined. So I considered being a flight attendant.

The only issue with that, is that not only will I probably not meet the height requirement, I knew it was not my calling. Despite that, I really considered it and even tried searching for vacancies. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I just wanted to travel.

A friend suggested I become a minister and that made me laugh because even though as a Christian we are all called to ministry, not everybody will come with a title. So yeah, that was also off the list.

Presently, I am largely a writer – everything I do revolves around writing. So the question is, how do I travel the world as a writer? I do believe it is necessary though. I know experiencing and interacting with people, places and culture different from mine will add substance to my writing. And boy, will it be fun.

I consider myself adventurous. Not the we-need-to-go-bungee-jumping kind but the we-should-go-see-the-pyramids-of-Egypt type of adventurous. So yeah, I might stay away from dangerous events but I like adventure. I hope … no, scratch that … I will, one day, fulfil my dreams. I believe that.

What about you? Are you capable of travelling yet and not taking the opportunity. This is a call to action. You cannot afford to sit holed up in one corner of the world all the days of your life. There is so much out there to see … take it from a girl who sees it behind closed eyes or vicariously through others. It is the most beautiful experience.