By Vivienne Amijee

They say that once you have done something for 21 days consecutively it becomes a habit. Well, I have two habits that I love. 1) Working out at 0430 hours (4:30 am) every morning and 2) watching Grey’s Anatomy. I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. Every day I run home from work so that by 1400 hours (2:00 pm) I am settled and ready to watch 4 hours of the show’s re-runs. This show depicts society at its best and at its worst; it makes me wonder about successful people, if they have doubts, fears, insecurities, unsaid failures, sleepless nights – and if they do, whom do they share these down moments with? Do they sit in a corner room and cry? Do they call on that one person they trust the most? Do they just brush it off and move on with life? After all, life is like a song: we have to dance to the current tune no matter how smooth or uncoordinated it may seem at that particular moment.

Going back to my love for Grey’s Anatomy, I like to watch the interactions between Doctor Meredith Grey and her person, Doctor Christina Young; these two are inseparable. I really admire that friendship. They are at the top of their professions, have great husbands and are goal driven; but most importantly, they have each others’ backs. They know that when things aren’t going smoothly, they can depend on each other for support,empathy and a good time.

Do you have your ‘person’? Would you like to have your person? What does it take to cultivate such a great relationship; for someone to become your person?

It definitely takes a lot of selflessness and sacrifice to be someones’ person: long, late night conversations, crying a lot together etc. But there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have someone who can literally die for you if they had to; that sort of closeness is what we lack in this day and age. Life is so busy; we all seem to be wrapped in our own bubbles, ‘making a living’, and hardly have time to date, time to sit down and have deep conversations, time to know how your partner’s day was. We tend to please the world with the facade of a perfect life, but inside we are literally dying from a lack of meaningful connection with others.

I can’t speak for men; but for women, as we grow older, we need friends, companions, sisters, mothers and aunties; women who can stick up for us. Womanhood is not easy and everyday has its unique challenges that could do with a helping hand.

Discover yourself, find your person, be there for somebody and keep happiness alive in your heart.