I Travel Because

7th December 2015 Teakisi 2

By Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron Traveling was instilled in me during childhood: whether it was a summer in Kenya, a weekend trip into the countryside of Burundi, or a road trip to the nearest town to enjoy […]

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Dressing For Danger

30th November 2015 Teakisi 3

By Kye Makyeli I had forgotten what it felt like to constantly look over both shoulders as I walk down the street. I had forgotten that I had to scrutinize my clothing to avoid “sending the […]

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Wanting More

25th November 2015 Teakisi 0

By Vivienne Amijee In my line of work, customer service, I tend to meet a lot of ladies and we all seem to have related relationship issues: Married and unhappy, taken and blissful, single and […]

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Current Affairs

Boko Haram: Facts & Figures

20th November 2015 Teakisi 0

Article by Christelle Mekoh April 14, 2014, an abduction took place at Government Secondary School, Chibok, in the Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria. Who were abducted? 300 girls. This headline took the world […]


My Work Hubby!

18th November 2015 Teakisi 1

By Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron Five short years ago, I met my work hubby while, unceremoniously, being scheduled to receive my new laptop for work. Romantic, right? Wrong. It was un-love at first scheduling conflict. After weeks […]


Reach For The Stars!

11th November 2015 Teakisi 0

Article by Christelle Mekoh How is it already November? I mean, in the blink of an eye we went from nice and sunny to rainy and cloudy weather…Next thing you’ll know, it will be Christmas and […]


“You Are Not Depressed —You’re Selfish!”

4th November 2015 Teakisi 1

By Zerida Mponye I recently stumbled upon this article on TomaHaiku, a blog space with very interesting, and quite contrarian, views of everything popular. The article, entitled “You’re not depressed. You’re selfish.”, claims that depression is […]


The Recovery

25th September 2015 Teakisi 4

By Noluvuyo Bacela I have not thought about this person in a while, which is very odd of me because of the way I idolized him. Once upon a time I watched all the light exit my body, […]

Thoughts & Reflections

The Fear Of Change

16th September 2015 Teakisi 1

By Zerida Mponye It takes a lot of courage to take ourselves back from the things that threaten to break us. If you’ve been there, you’ll understand what it means to know you have to […]