“Guess what!?” I screeched into the phone.

“What?” Imole, my friend, answered automatically.

“Guess,” I said again.

“Oh my God! Would you save me the trouble and just tell me? What’s making you this excited,” she answered. I could feel her getting all excited already even though I was yet to tell her why I called. She knew I was happy and that was enough.

“Okay,” I started, trying to calm down. But I was so bubbling with joy, I couldn’t. And before I could help myself, I screamed, “I am getting married!”


“Yes, I cannot believe it myself. He proposed. Can you believe that? Got on his knees and all, the whole nine yards. I still feel like I’m dreaming but I so don’t want to be awakened!”

“Wow!” Imole answered simply when I was done rambling. “Wow! This is so unbelievable. There you were telling me he was acting strange, who knew it was because he was planning something this big. So tell me everything. How did it go down?”

“Ok,” I heaved with ecstasy. “He took me to our favourite restaurant, and just before dessert, he got some guys to sing me a medley of Westlife’s “This Love Is Unbreakable.” And just as they were about finishing, he got on his knees and told me all the sweetest words ever, then he popped the question.”

“And of course, you said yes,” she interrupted.

“Girl, but of course. Why else would I be calling?”

“I am so excited for you sweetheart. Tunde will make the perfect husband.”

“Oh,” my voice sobered. I forgot to tell her it wasn’t Tunde, I knew she was going to have a start but Imole is my best friend. I couldn’t keep it from her. And really, I couldn’t exactly keep it a secret. The man one wanted to marry could hardly be hidden from the world.

“What is it?” she asked concerned, picking up on my silence.

“It’s not Tunde,” I finally let out. “It’s Femi.”

“What? But you just met Femi, I didn’t even know you were seeing him like that. You and Tunde have been together forever. What happened? I thought you loved Tunde.”

“I do.”

“Then why are you marrying Femi?”

“Because he asked.”

And Imole went completely speechless.


Ok, so this is fiction and not about me. I want to believe I am more logical than this but I could also be wrong.

So, what do you guys think? Is this reason enough to marry someone?