ByJudith Moraa

Are you a Woman facing workplace intimidation? No problem. Bullies are scary, shocking, embarrassing and far too often tolerated in the workplace. Why? Because we don’t want to have to deal with them, we don’t want the attack, the conflict, the discomfort. So we pretend they aren’t wreaking havoc into our lives, we grit our teeth, and tolerate them.

Workplace bullying does not have to be physical, it’s also the emotional, psychological subtle micro-aggressions that some people face.  These micro-aggressions takes on many forms from a person who constantly dismisses your opinion during meetings to asking a woman to take notes as it is a task ‘better suited’ for the female gender.  Here are 3 steps to manage these situations.

1. Identify if and how you are allowing the bullying to occur.  We all want to avoid uncomfortable issues, especially if it involves others, but what is the cost? As we daily give our power away and compromise our integrity we enable bullies to rise.

2. Disrupt the pattern.  Find avenues needed to disrupt the patters.  This may include involving others to mediate and come to a favorable conclusion for all parties.

3. Proceed with healthy boundaries and behaviors so that the cycle is forever ended.

You don’t have to do this all on your own. Above all support other women. Help other women be heard. Repeat what they say in meetings. Call on them to speak if they look like they have something to say. Give them space to be heard and to have a seat at the table. Have you experienced bullying at work? How did you manage it?  (Tell us)