By Brenda Atuhairwe

Wolf me or Wolf you?

We all have the two wolves within us, we battle daily which one we choose, which one we abide by, which one we feed.

So we fight an everyday battle within us, we win with which ever wolf we decide to feed. Do we have a choice though? We may have a choice for today but not everyday, or every time we counter the different challenges life throws at us. I want to feed forgiveness, courage, bravery, love, respect, hope and grace to the white wolf within me, but how do i fight the black wolf within me?

How do I let go of anger, desperation, hurt, bitterness, disappointment? Ho do I forgive all, and let it go because the same I wants to feed my white wolf,? Is the same way my black wolf is feed. I struggle daily and learn to live with both my wolves. I decide which wolf to give out daily depending on what life has thrown at me. I decide to let my white wolf heal some of the pain, wounds and hurt of the black wolf, but it cant erase it all away.

Which wolf rules your life if I may ask? Which wolf controls you? Which wolf do feed more? Life is full of surprises, it feeds all wolves within us, we decide which wolf we feed more excessively.

Do we all have a choice, I wonder?