Without An Accent

You need not hide behind the

Tiny powders of a twisted foundation;

No need to apply the shades of evasiveness

To reflect an airbrushed identity of despair

You are worth gold in your own right;

“It” should not be a daily pill,

For it is not as essential as your daily sustenance;

It is an occasional embellishment

Catered to events and people worthwhile

“Its” colors do not make you marketable,

Beautiful, or even more noticeable;

They are simply an option, like pepper

And salt on your salad when you

Already have the dressing

So don’t let them tell you that you are lacking without

Lipstick and foundation; for these particles

Don’t make you complete, nor do they

Fill up the missing pieces of a broken spirit

You are enticingly plain and simple, for you illuminate

Your face with the unyielding contentment of your soul;

And when you want to go for a change,

Play around with the subtle colors of genuine grace

You are graceful and natural, for this is who you are;

So do not let them tell you that in the paint of pretension,

Lies the unquestionable meaning of beauty,

Because beauty is beauty without an accent.



Baluka Liz .M / 6 March 2014

Ahmed–this is one very beautiful poem!!

I have not always been a make-up person, but I recall a time back in lower school when i tried it on and sure i think i did fit in with the rest and some said i looked really good. But i didnt feel I was being myself, i got really uncomfortable and my self-esteem became dependent on whether I had my make-up on—but the day i let the cosmetics go i felt so much liberated. I am not saying people shouldn’t wear it if they want to, but that the honored girls and women on this planet don’t buy into the pressure of identifying themselves with it! And now as long before…I go along year to year without make-up, am more at ease, very happy with me and sure I look really good!!!

Cj Y Npowa / 13 March 2014

This is a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

Ibtihal.alkhidir@gmail.com / 28 March 2014

Thank you all!



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