Once upon a time, women were not allowed to get very educated, or get jobs that would allow them to be breadwinners. They were not allowed to own property or to inherit after the deaths of their husbands or fathers. Fast forward to the 21st century, more women than men enroll in university. Today women are breaking the glass ceiling in the big corporations, and have high level white collar jobs, and earning more annually than what their grandmothers ever earned in their entire lifetimes. Women are investing more in real estate and stocks, and their right to inheritance is protected by law.

However, a few women are pulling the entire sex back into the Stone Age. They have all these opportunities for education, and access to scholarships if necessary. They have an opportunity to get a good job, or start a business that will enable them to invest for their old age. These women have all the skills and talents that any human can use to be successful in the modern world but instead, they decide to find a man who has “made it” financially and leech off him until divorce (typically) or death (rarely) do them apart. These are the girls who imitate the behaviour written about in fictional blogs like diaryofazulugirl.tumblr.com/ and think its the best way to get ahead in life.

My dear sisters, let me tell you one thing that is true. Work hard for your own.