By Noeline Kirabo

Today I listened to a very lovely and soothing song that kind of just lingered in my mind and heart. It put me in a thoughtful and reflective mood that I had not enjoyed in a while for one reason or another. It was a beautiful feeling and I felt like I should stay there forever. Suddenly, light was shed on the shadows of my thoughts and I could see clearly what the last couple of weeks had meant for me and the people that I was working with.

In a fast paced world, it is so easy to get caught up in the race against time and we soon forget the real things that matter in life. The last couples of weeks have felt like a roller coaster ride, with all kinds of deadlines and targets to meet in such a short time. After a couple of days, my mind and body adjusted to the new pace. When all is said and done what really  matters is whether I impacted the lives of those  around me. It is a question that I’ve wrestled  with and fortunately I can answer it with a smile and a sense of fulfillment.

Life in the twenty first century is a constant rush. If we do not stop occasionally to reflect, we can easily get lost in our daily schedules and activities. The discipline of meditation and solitude is quickly fading out among the young generations. As a matter of fact, many young people will admit that they have a problem sitting still by themselves and just connecting with their inner self. This is a trait that many successful people exhibit in their  lives.

As I sat by myself lost in my thoughts, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place and greater light was shed on the big picture that I have been trying to grasp for a while. Life is beautiful when we make the time to stop and simply appreciate the little things that make a huge difference. Just to be able to listen to the birds sing outside the window or the soft sound of the wind blowing in a tree above you is a blessing often unappreciated. How soothing and refreshing it is to be able to connect with nature and all the living things around us, to feel in unison with the universe and resonate with the positiveness that it emits.

A while ago I used to be addicted to my Ipod and I worked hard to break that habit. I had slipped into a place where loud was normal and silence was abnormal. When I finally broke that habit, I discovered the joy of solitude and being able to retreat within myself for the truth and answers I often sought elsewhere. I must say the quality of my life drastically improved and I discovered a new sense of completeness.

Unless we block the noises in our lives we will not be able to hear the voice of our inner self and be able to connect to who we are. When the music fades the inner voice becomes more and more audible, governing the course of our lives. A true sense of fulfillment does not come from external achievements but rather from being able to align our inner voice to the things that we have, and resting in the assurance that we are fulfilling our life purpose. The interesting thing is that we soon discover a new type of music, and that is the rhythm of our lives embedded in the wisdom of the divine.