By Kye Makyeli

Many people have spent countless years of their lives trying to figure out life.

Philosophers. Theorists. Thinkers. Academics. Logicians.

And I can tell you that none has found a definite answer to it.

But you know what’s an even stranger phenomenon?


With life, we are assured

That a new life will be conceived within a period of nine or so months,

And then a new being will join us in this world.

But not death.

We never see it coming. Well, most of the time.

And when it comes, we’re never prepared.

And we’ll never be.

The peculiarity in death is that when it knocks,

We never know the right way to accommodate it,

how to welcome it,

but we usually try.

The truth is that there’s no dealing with loss.

Many have tried.

I’ve tried.

No amount of words, however kind or sorrowful,

No amount of hours spent before a post traumatic counselor,

No casket, however smooth or shiny,

No amount of condolence money

Can bring back that beloved Grandfather, Grandmother, Dad, Mum, Aunt, Uncle, sister, brother, best friend, friend, neighbor, mentor, pet,

But there’s one thing that comes close to it.


Love in keeping memories alive.

Memories that will lift our spirit and turn loss into longevity.

A long and happy, purposeful life that the departed soul would want us to live to fulfill the memories that we shared.

So, if you’re feeling or have felt loss in your life today, I have one thing to tell you.


Live joyful. Live happy. Live content.