By Claudine Niragire.

I love liver! Although many usually dispose of it and won’t consider eating it, I have taken on the task of exalting – As would say Jean Francois Piege – this underdog in the giblets family.  A task any respectable chef will proudly take on. When I created this recipe, I wanted it to have something authentic, something from home, something from Africa. After all, that is where I first discovered this delicacy.

Cost: Affordable
Preparation time: 1h
Difficulty level: Easy

Ingredients (2 servings)

o 300 g of veal liver
o 1 red pepper
o 1 onion
o 1 clove of garlic
o 1 large tomato
o 30cl of tomato sauce
o 5cl of Thai-chili sauce
o Fresh basil
o Parsley
o Olive oil
o Salt
o Pepper

❖ Preparation

Cut meat in 2 by 3cm pieces each. In a pan, heat up 3 tsp of olive oil. Once the oil is well heated, add the meat and cook for approximately 10 minutes. Keep tossing meat until golden all around. Reduce heat and continue cooking.

Add your freshly minced garlic, diced red peppers, and diced onion. Let this cook for 3-4 minutes, and then add the fresh chopped tomato. Cook for three minutes, and then add the tomato sauce and the Thai-chili sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer for 3 minutes and add the parsley and basil. Let cook for an additional 5 minutes & voila!


❖ Ingredients

o 4-5 medium size potatoes
o Butter
o Salt
o Pepper
o Paprika

❖ Preparation

Boil the potatoes for about 15 minutes and the drain thoroughly. Cut the potatoes in halves and coat a baking pan with butter. Spread the potatoes in the baking pan sprinkle the salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.
Bake the potatoes for 20 minutes at 200C. At the 15-minute mark, lightly coat the potatoes with the meat sauce. Ready to serve!

Bon appétit!