As I wrapped up my leadership and mindset change programme in December 2021, I drew an action matrix, which had things I was going to implement this year. Being the kind of things I’m passionate about, I thought it would be a bit easy but I was wrong. I forgot that something new was going to be implemented, and I had to change a bit as well. Implementing something new is like changing yourself as well, simply because a lot of changes are made. For example, the dress code, sleeping and waking up hours, and even the kind of people you associate yourself with. I kind of knew that implementing anything would not be easy, so these past days, I have realised that it is like a battle between – ‘I need to change’ and ‘it’ s okay not to change’. 

It’s kind of scary because, in most cases, it’s a big risk. However, when you look into what needs to be done, the knowledge and work required to execute them, you find out that the results are incredible – basically this is how my January and part of February have been. I have had to learn a lot of new things especially working on my communication skills since I have realised it is essential. For someone who has been used to talking all the time, when listening is required, it’s hard, yet my new life requires more listening than talking because that’s the only way I can know how to help someone and choose a service that will be suitable for them.

Every evening I have felt like I needed a vacation, to sit in a warm bathtub, listen to spirit-lifting kind of music and sip coffee, but that has been out of reach. However, talking to God about my day, has made things better and I plan on doing that every day. In this whole period, I have been learning a new skill in sales. I have realised that being in sales is like selling yourself indirectly. I mean, your appearance, accent, emotions, intelligence and capabilities determine the results. And if uncertainty is all you have, then this can really tear you down. Emotional stability, self-awareness, and knowledge of what you do are key areas in sales. Otherwise, the feedback from one client can mess you up, yet you have other appointments. It’s really important to master those three areas.

In January, I read a book by Jordan B Peterson, entitled 12 Rules of Life, and one of the rules that am carrying on this year or even for a lifetime is to compare myself to who I was yesterday, not to other people and also to celebrate my victories. This has kept me going during this time and made sense. With this mindset each day, I have found that there has been something great that I have achieved, hence, being grateful on all days. Lastly, anyone can overcome uncertainty like I did. Just be kind to yourself, reflect on the past successes, avoid dwelling on things that you cannot control, seek support when you need it, and engage in self-care. We need to be better and also enjoy every bit of the journey.

You are blessed.