By Stacy Kendi
This is coming from a corner where I began to wonder, “how can one tune out of their own emotions?”
Considering that I am a woman who can never be parted from my emotions; it is only right for me to always use my emotions in predicting an outcome or making decisions.
Ever thought of the times you are planning to go out and take an hour just selecting clothes? I tend to divert from the thought that it is simply my emotions directing my actions, and wonder how my friends/family/relatives are going to perceive me. Are they going to be complementing or criticizing me about my dressing? Our emotions are good guides but there are times we need to let them be. You might be asking: HOW, if it’s part of who I am? Here is the knock off: our emotions are what leads to an upside or a downside situation. However, some people tend to forget that not all situations require emotions and that’s where we tend to complain when we get to see others being more successful than us.
Looking around, I came to realize, there are some attributes that can empower us even though it is not part of the norm. Well, the norm isn’t always fun, so why not have a twist and taste the other side of life where we aren’t attached to our emotions. Here is how to reap the benefits of being out of tune with your emotions:
1. Indecisiveness is a booster when it comes to successful endeavours:
There are times when you find yourself in a situation, and as your gut says you have to take the immediate option presented to you. There you are, with a male counterpart and they neglect the first option. Then your mind begins to think of how on earth can they turn down such an offer. Only to come and find later on, that there were better options. This is where we as women need to embrace our patience, and not let our emotions over-run us.  This doesn’t simply refer to only business activities, it can include shopping for an item.
2. Being out of tune boosts our positive energy:
This is true, considering one is able to think out each and everything in a well collected manner, and reduces stress levels. The general outcome is an improved health. What better thing can one have in life, than good health? It becomes the source of all other great blessings.
3. It is not always about our own view, rather making a coherent judgement based on multiple views:
This is where we get caught up most times. We tend to go with the swing of our emotions which is a destructor at times. This comes mainly in relationships where we throw our judgement and maturity, into a pitfall, and collect up our emotions. Then we wonder why we cannot come to a good conclusion. The answer is simply allowing our emotional being, take thrown in our place instead of us (as owners of our kingdom) taking control. We should let our maturity get through the door, listen to every view and opinion before making a rush decision.
The tuning in and out of sync with our emotions can be a challenge to most of us, but it only begins with our mentality. I sure can say, once I realized the benefits of not always letting my emotions get the better of me, I have been able to feel more at peace and reached major achievements. Let’s all set out for a life of ruling our emotions instead of them ruling us.