By Esther Chawai

February is known to be the love month, and the 14th day is usually anticipated being VALENTINE’S DAY or LOVERS DAY as it is fondly called. This day comes with excitement and it’s being symbolized by the heart shape in red colour. It’s usually a beautiful day because you could frantically feel the love in the air; couples prepare for this day ahead to give surprises to each other, and each one wants to give the best gifts. You get to see smiling happy faces, flowers, wines, chocolates and more, being delivered here and there, love notes, nice decorations, romantic settings with music in the background that could make everything seem heavenly. And there would be a lot of people moving in twos, yes I said in two’s.

However, the trending song this period,

“…now valentine is coming, where’s your boyfriend!!!

 You are sitting at home, lonely!” is not the favourite song of every lady this period, funny as it may sound! I think it was composed and directed at the ladies because we generally attach more value to the day, than the men. So therefore, it reminds some of their failed relationships, recent break ups or could make one crave for someone to fill in the gap badly or remind one of their current single status. Oouch!

I imagined a beautiful valentine’s day this year, and hoped to get the ring, yes ‘the ring’ but here I am, freshly single again. Woah! So what will I be doing on this day? I’m still excited about it regardless, and maybe even more excited than ever, because funnily, I’m yet to experience a proper valentine’s day celebration with someone special. Well, a celebrity crush offered a lucky winner a valentine day date, in some post I saw on Instagram. I felt right that minute like it was the best gift coming from the lord for me, (hehehe), but how could I possibly make the entry video requested? I’m not the type to indulge in such contest, not that I doubt my chances, I could be the lucky one picked randomly right? I love you dear crush, but i’ll pass.

Even though it was an opportunity to get the perfect first date, I think, not being picked would be more heart breaking though (especially after showing myself to the world, Ahh!). I have not been single forever but have cancelled on few attempts to make the day special for me, weird right? And that was not because I wasn’t in love ever. Well I feel love should be felt every day and not just on a certain day, so I never really cared, but what changed this time? This whole excitement I feel, without an active relationship this time, I don’t know.

Lots of fun activities and events happen on such days to make the day memorable for lovers, it’s a day meant for couples to spend time with each other, creating or recreating memories. Couples go on dates, exchange gifts and do a lot of things that could further strengthen their bond. Good things like proposals are known to happen a lot on Valentine’s Day, as some of the single ones may take the next step towards a lifetime commitment. What better way is there to make a lady feel so special than a gift as this (I’m just saying…).

Well, if you’re single like me due to some reason, you shouldn’t be left out in the celebration too. Share love to people around you, do some fun activities with your friends – a slumber party isn’t a bad idea with lots of fun activities involved. Attend some of the events organized for the singles, who knows whom you might find lurking. Fresh opportunities for finding love again might happen, and they will not meet you at home. Dress beautifully and go do something unusual, exciting, and fulfilling. Visit somewhere new, capture some moments, make friends, dance if you love to, and just be happy because it’s a beautiful day after all, so why not?.

Happy Valentine’s Day!