By Vivienne Amijee

Every dawn marks a new beginning, a new start and definitely new goals have to be achieved. 2014 is here with us, having a theme for the year that will summarize all you intend to achieve is very vital. Let this theme be on your vision board, on your fridge as a sticker, next to your dressing table, pinned up on your TV… point is, let the theme be on your face so much that the only option you have is work towards it.

Got this insightful idea from a friend who always seems to have her goals well set and eventually achieved. Women have the ability to work their day jobs and still keep the house running in order. That same energy and planning can be translated to achievement of goals. Most of us are in school and also working, in such a case, your theme can be ‘Achievement’. Be exceptionally good at work and get that position you think will open doors for you, in school, see to it that your grades are so impressive. You can do just about anything, the will power is all yours.

Having a theme gives you targets that you can attain and go beyond. My theme this year is ‘Development’. 2013 was all about growth, let me take you into the world of Economics for a few. There are four stages of development: Traditional stage, preparation for take off, take off stage and age of mass consumption. Last year was my preparation for take off year in terms of work, friendships, relationships and finances. All those spheres of my life made me grow, after growth comes development.

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Your theme should be in line with current happenings in your life, that way your goals will be SMART and reduce undue pressure. Be a performer as well as a reformer, strive to be more solution oriented as opposed to be problem oriented. Resolutions are good if they are backed with a theme. There’s definitely something you aim to achieve by 31st December this year hence the numerous preparations. Most corporations aim for profits, in such a case, the theme is profit maximization.

The time is now, the chance is here, the year is 2014 and opportunities are yours to take.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- Coco Chanel.

What’s your theme this year?