By Marie-Helena Mekolo

Your words and positive thinking can make all your wildest dream come true.

I know what I’m saying is going to seem far fetched but let me explain. I recently lived those exact words. Every morning, I state my intentions for the day, “No matter what happens today, it will be a good day. I will be shaken but not uprooted and everything will work itself out.” With that, I start my day.

I’m working on a podcast to promote sexual education for the African Youth. I was set to record my first set of episodes last week. I did my research on studios, called them up and settled on one that was near my house and was not only fully equipped but had experience in broadcasting. The day to record came, but sadly it was snowing and I had to reevaluate the situation: Do I really want to get the team to come out on these snowy roads or can I push the recording date? Mind you I had to deliver something to my partner that day. I chose to push the recording day to a later date. Next recording day comes and I’m so excited. My producer and I get to the studio only to find out our sound engineer is late, the file needs to be converted and I’m computer-less. Thirty minutes pass. Then another thirty minutes, then an hour, and still no one. At this point I’m like, “What is this madness? They are never getting my business again.” But boy was I about to eat my own words. As soon as the engineer showed up, we clicked and it made the process such a great experience. I was relaxed and we were able to record three episodes. The engineer was so patient and an overall awesome person. We joked between takes and she gave us advice on how we can improve the podcast.

It was a beautiful ending to a crazy and rocky start. When I was in the car I realized that everything I said that morning came true. At the end of the day it was a great experience and although I was tested I did not give up. When you believe and put all your trust into the universe everything will work itself out.

Now my example was a simple one, I’ve read some stories about people who spoke their dream jobs, spouses, healing and children into existence. What all these testimonies have in common are: faith and perseverance. It’s easy to dismiss this message and be pessimistic, but this is where faith comes in. Proclaim what you want to happen and believe it will come true. Whether it be today, tomorrow or in years. Your faith will constantly be challenged, I mean its only human nature to get tired of waiting for something. Especially something that you’re not even sure is going to manifest itself. This is were the perseverance comes in: persevere in your faith. Keep believing and when it gets hard remember why you wanted that wish in the first place. This will help stay you grounded and keep moving forward.

With this new year well under way, I urge everyone to live in the present and proclaim how we want our year to go. We have the power to determine what kind of year we want to have.

Speak your success into existence.